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Jul- 06

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The Army at 245: A Tribute to America

Jun- 15

Video messages for the Army Birthday

Jun- 11

“Our nation and our people are facing enormous challenges.  But we have faced many seemingly insurmountable challenges in the past. Our brothers and sisters of every color, background and ethnicity are struggling to be heard and are in pain.  We must all come together in order for our Nation to heal.  Be kind, be forgiving, be tolerant and respect our diversity and basic human dignity.”


Richard Dayoub

President, Omar Bradley Chapter AUSA

View video messages from:

State Representative Mary Gonzalez 
Chapter President Richard Dayoub
Judge Ricardo Samaniego
Memorial Day Message from the Secretary of the Army

May- 22

Message to the Force - Memorial Day 2020


Memorial Day Message 2020


To the Army Team,

Today we commemorate our country's most solemn national day of remembrance - Memorial Day. We honor the men and women of our military who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country.

The Army leadership especially wants to thank our Gold Star families. We, along with a grateful nation remain inspired by your remarkable strength and fortitude.

As you reflect on this day, remember it has been granted to us by some of the most noble, selfless, and courageous men and women our country has ever produced. Of those who laid down their lives in defense our great nation, all the way back to those who gave their lives to establish it, we remember.


Our nation owes a debt to its fallen heroes that we can never fully repay.  For all of us who walk in the footsteps of those who have gone before us, it is our responsibility, our duty, and even our privilege to honor their sacrifice.

Stay safe. Stay ready. Stay strong.



Ryan D. McCarthy

Secretary of the Army

The U.S. Army Band Live Broadcast Page

May- 22

We as a Nation are standing together by becoming more physically distant, but social isolation doesn't have to be without community. The U.S. Army Band continues to serve you through a new online series focused on bringing us all (virtually) together and creating a compassionate, uplifting, and connected community centered around music.

Pershing's Own will continue to give performances and curate educational events to the American people, following CDC guidance, through our virtual series United We Stand | Music to Connect Us. As the days progress, we'll be producing new content just for you and posting the very best of our archival treasures.


Apr - 24

CASA MM Scholarship Flyer Fillable Versi
CASA MM Scholarship Flyer Fillable Versi
A New Year's Announcement

Jan - 10